From small office to large warehouse, Diamond Janitorial Services  does it all. We understand the particular needs of retail space, offices and restaurants. That’s how Diamond Janitorial Services deliveries high quality service at an affordable price. Diamond Janitorial Services is a proactive, employee-friendly company and we love our environment and community. Our commitment to use green products helps protect your health and future.

Large or small professional offices, warehouse and restaurants: Each space has its own needs, just like our clients. Diamond Janitorial Services takes great care to ask what’s most important to our clients so Diamond Janitorial Services can meet those needs.

Restaurant, commercial kitchens and senior living centers require special care. Your Diamond Janitorial Services on-site Supervisor will inspect the areas in need of most care and share any concerns so together, Diamond Janitorial Services can maintain a clean and safe environment.

Its the “little things” that make a difference. Diamond Janitorial Services  staff understand that a little attention to the handles on your CEO’s desk or those on the restroom cabinets can make a big impression. That’s one of the reasons Diamond Janitorial Services ask about the details before we begin working for you.

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